CnC Commitment Pledge

The following is the Commitment Pledge that all participants in the Confirm not Conform program are invited to sign at the begining of the program, along with other members of their faith community. Scott Denman, one of the creators of the CnC program shares how his congregation incorporates the Commitment into Sunday morning worship in this post.

Commitment Pledge


I pledge to participate in the Confirm not Conform Program, to abide by its requirements, to bring an open mind and heart to all sessions and events, and to treat all those involved in the program with respect.

As part of the program, I also commit to:

  • Attending all confirmation sessions. I am allowed to miss one session in both the fall and spring, but must make up those missed sessions.
  • Participating in all field trips. I am allowed to miss one, if I make that one up on my own time.
  • Attending Sunday School at least twice a month.
  • Being involved with the services of Holy Week as much as possible, either at my parish or another Episcopal Church. At a minimum, I will attend or participate in two Holy Week services.
  • Participating in the community service project that is part of Confirm not Conform.
  • Memorizing a passage of scripture at least 10 verses in length.
  • Attending the confirmation service, whether or not I choose to be confirmed, as a show of support for other members of the program.
  • Participating in the iConfirm Service, at which I will recite the passage I have memorized and explain my reasons for choosing it and what it means to me.


In return, the community commits to:

  • Listening to my questions and concerns with open minds and hearts.
  • Taking my contributions seriously and treating them with respect.
  • Exposing me to the fundamental questions of faith and exploring them with me.
  • Providing a mentor who will share his/her own faith experiences and questions, and respond to mine.
  • Offering help when I need it.
  • Keeping me in their prayers.

Signed in the presence of my faith community on (date to be filled in)