The Commitment Pledge in a worship setting

We've gotten a few questions lately asking if there is any specific liturgy for the signing of the commitment pledge that's part of the Confirm not Conform program. This is a statement that is signed by youth and by leaders in the community in a worship service that states the commitments being made both by the youth and by the full community. [Read the full Commitment Pledge here.]

At St. John's we do not use any specific liturgy for the signing of the commitment pledge but we do like to use the signing as an opportunity for faith and congregational development.  After the passing of the peace we invite the students forward to introduce themselves.  I summarize the commitment the students and mentors have signed emphasizing the congregations commitment to the students which has yet to be made.  I reference the baptismal liturgy where the celebrant asks "will all of you witnessing these vows do all in your power to support these persons in their faith", asking them to respond with "we will."  This is an opportunity to have the congregation take their Prayer Books and turn to the page where this occurs (303).  After the congregational response "we will", the pre-signed pledge is placed on the altar and a short prayer is offered.  

This is yet another place in the CnC program that invites flexibility and creativity and we would love to hear what others have done!