Creating a Lenten program using Confirm not Conform

We say over and over that Confirm not Conform is flexible.  One of the things we mean is that you can use and adapt the materials for programs beyond confirmation. In fact, we are thrilled when people do!

Here, for example, is one idea of how you can use materials, discussions, and exercises from the CnC program to become an engaging and interactive intergenerational 5-week Lenten program for your whole congregation.

Lenten program on exploring worship

CnC Materials: Retreat, Session 15 The Church Year, and Session 16 The Ministry of the Baptized

Week 1: Start with the Archaeological Dig from the Retreat. 

Week 2: Lead the Church Architecture discussion (also in the retreat); then use the Reading the Room exercise from Session 16 to talk about what messages your church’s architecture sends. As an added Lenten discipline, encourage everyone to sit in a different pew on Sunday.

Week 3: Using Sesison 15, explore the concept of Sacred Time, with the Church Year exercise and then take the Field Trip to the Sacristy.

Week 4: Start with the Community Ritual and Sacred Time exercise in the Retreat; then the “What’s Really Important” discussion in Session 15. Finally, invite participants to work together (or in small groups) to Create a Worship Service as outlined in the Retreat.

Week 5: Celebrate together by using the worship experiences that they have created.

You can also use material from Confirm not Conform to supplement your Lenten program on any number of topics, such as Creeds, prayer, Scripture, justice, and more.

Remember that CnC is a resource for your whole congregation that you can use however you wish. It’s full of activities that you can pull for other programs – or may spark new ideas of your own.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to brainstorm ideas on how you can use Confirm not Conform for your Lenten program or other formation programs. We look forward to hearing what you come up with.