Resources for Lenten Programs

Ash Wednesday is four weeks from today! For our final post on getting ready for Lent, we offer some ways you can use Confirm not Conform or CnC for Adults as a 5-week Lenten program, as well as other resources you might find useful.

With these suggestions and others, I still recommend you consider the general principles for building a Christian Ed program that I wrote about yesterday. There is no immutable Lenten Program; adapt, repurpose, combine, scrounge, and improvise--whatever it takes to develop a program that's right for your situation.

Using Confirm not Conform for Lent

These ideas were included in our January enewsletter where one of our regular features is offering ways you can use Confirm not Conform beyond a confirmation preparation program.

Develop a service project

Using the "Faith in Action" sessions of Confirm not Conform, use Lent as a time to make plans for service and outreach that will continue into Eastertide, or throughout the year.

Find your place in Scripture

Start with the Mad Dash through a Good Book (session is in both Youth and Adult program); then look at the People in your Neighborhood (in CnC for Adults). Spend the last couple of weeks helping people find passages of Scripture that are meaningful to them, with opportunities to memorize the passage and share them with others.

Create a parish creed

Study the history of the Nicene Creed (session is in both Youth and Adult program); encourage people to explore what they mean by basic terms of faith and share with others. Then work together to come up with a statement of faith for small groups or for a parish as a whole. You can also use this as a way to discuss how your parish can talk lovingly with each other about things that matter.

In the Quick Start Guide of CnC for Adults, we also offer three possible 5-week Lenten series you can use: A Mad Dash Through History, Anglicanism from Various Angles, and an Intergenerational program for youth and adults. 

These are just a few options. You are welcome to pillage the CnC materials for other Lenten program options, as you see fit.

Other Resources:

Here are some other resources that might be useful. I've tried not to duplicate things I've seen a lot of other places. I hope you find this useful--or thought-provoking.

I thought the ebook Desert Island Bible Study  was a wonderful little resource to use to give people tools on how they can read the Bible meaningfully on their own. It offers some very creative methods for reading the Bible that could be practiced in a group setting.

On a very practical note, the not-quite-called-this website provides a checklist for basic life and death needs, such as wills, living wills, power of attorney, etc., that might be a useful companion to a Lenten program about our mortality. By the same token, Go Wish cards help people discuss end of life issues.

If you want to explore World Religions, folks on the Forma email list recommend the Great Courses series or The Long Search (though in each case you would need to select judiciously for a 5 week program). A series on world religions could be done in conjunction with the World Peace Village and/or the Charter for Compassion.

I wrote this curriculum on food and faith for Every Voice Network a couple of years ago, and I still think it's pretty good. And it involves, you know, food.

For more suggestions, you might want to check out the Center for Spiritual Resources, an electronic portal to connect you with all kinds of formation resources and programs. 

Of course, I encourage you to check out our publishing partner Forward Movement's resources.

Last but not least, Lent Madness. No joke, it's a great way to explore the life of faith, church history, and the many gifts of the Spirit used by God in the church. Be sure to check it out.