Thomas, patron saint of CnC

It's the feast of St. Thomas today. He really should be our patron saint, I think, ol' Mr. I-have-to-see-for-myself.

I have to admire the other apostles who don't seem to have argued with Thomas, or browbeat him that he should believe them, or worried about his faith. They just hung out together like they'd been doing all along. I wonder how many of them thought to themselves they would feel the same way if they hadn't experienced what they had experienced.

Faith is not a second-hand gift, is it? I mean, everyone gets to have their own. Faith isn't a gift if you tell someone, "I have it, so you have to, too." When you find your own, it has your name on it. And Thomas found his own--was given his own by his personal experience with Jesus in the flesh.

God bless Thomas for saying what he thought, for not suppressing his doubts in order to get along. God bless his friends for remaining his friends. And God bless God for coming to us in ways we don't expect, and in the flesh. And blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.

This Christmas, may you find your faith with your name on it. May Jesus visit you in the flesh. And may you be filled with awe and joy.

Merry Christmas one and all.