When things do not go the way we envisioned

Detour D-1

When a new Confirm not Conform class/year begins, I map out everything. I schedule the classes, field trips, and retreats. I gather mentors and communicate with the families. It looks so neat and reasonable on paper! Yet I am only in control for a few days.

"When I make plans - God Laughs"

Since my goal is to meet the youth where they are in their lives during the Confirm not Conform year, often a few events or classes have to be rescheduled or topics changed, for any number of reasons. 

The youth’s schedules are so tightly booked, parents are often asking us to make exception for their kid. Church and community events may bump the planned class or field trip. Or a new exciting event may come up that we want our kids to be involved in. These are just a few of the things that make the need for flexibility.

Flexibility is my favorite part of CnC. With flexibility come lessons for the youth, their parents, the mentors and leaders. Flexibility is the reason many love to be a part of this class. Yet for many of us, including me, being flexible can be so hard.

As I am dealing with all these changes I am often pulling my hair out to make it all work for the majority of the class. Yet I find it‘s always worth all this hair pulling. The new topic, event, or fill-in-the-blank offers something great that I couldn’t have predicted. Also some of the best group discussions occur during the newly planned class or event.

I now try to remind myself of the successes as I am pulling out my hair.

It is often said that the youth love consistancy in their lives. But we all know that when we push them a little off their plan or schedule they open up and share their questions, concerns and observations.  All of this is so important because it allows us to hear their voices.

I am now more open to the changes the out the year. I encourage each of you to welcome them too. Pulling my hair of a few times is worth it for the faith journey both for our youth and for ourselves.

"Blessed be the Flexible as they shall not be bent of shape!"